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Being free of worry, fear, self-doubt, anxiety & depression...



Eliminating bad habits & negative behaviours...

Having control over pain, addiction or traumatic memories...
Performing at the top of your game...
Having confidence & feeling healthy in body, mind and soul...

Hypnotherapy Helps...

Hypnotherapy offers countless physical, mental and emotional benefits and can play a major role in your healing journey. Here are just a few examples...


Hypnotherapy has been proven effective across many areas. For those curious about the medical implications and applications, click this "PDF" button to read the article provided by the IMDHA.

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What is Hypnotherapy

and what to expect..

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What it is...

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, a naturally occurring state, to provide therapy for a countless number of issues. I use relaxation techniques to quiet the critical part of the mind and address the subconscious directly. By turning your attention inward, we can find and utilize your own resources to create change, or regain control of certain areas of your life. Using a trance-like state of focus and concentration, I can address a client's issues without the negative filter of their conscious mind. Some of these issues may be allergies, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, grief, performance, pregnancy and childbirth, quitting bad habits, trauma and PTSD, skin conditions, relationship troubles, and many more.

What it's not...

Hypnotherapy is not mind control; the client always has the power to accept or reject any suggestions given by the therapist. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will, and - when hypnotized - you are not unconscious and cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do. Hypnosis is not a magic spell... the client and I work together to create results, and there may be some effort required from clients in the form of answering thought provoking questions and homework assignments like journaling.

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How we do it...

At Rise, each client is first offered a free consultation where I can answer questions and address any concerns. During the free consultation,  we also discuss a treatment plan and options for the future.


Although uncommon, I may ask you to seek help from a doctor before we continue. Not everything can be treated with hypnotherapy alone, but in many medical cases, hypnotherapy works extremely well in conjunction with other treatments by offering the subconscious suggestions for wellness (For example, that medications will work quickly and effectively, and that chemotherapy or surgery will work to rid the body of illness). It is an excellent complementary therapy for countless issues.

Once we’ve determined that hypnotherapy is right for you, we will set up an initial appointment where we will begin to uncover the root cause of the problem or limiting belief. This initial appointment will also serve as a gentle introduction to hypnosis for those who have not experienced it before. Hypnosis is like anything else; you get better with practice. In the first session the focus is teaching the mind to slow down (yes everyone can do this, some just take longer than others) and once this is achieved suggestions are presented pertaining to the issue at hand. Depending on the person and their goals the first session may be all that's necessary but if more sessions are required (typically around three, and not more than six) each visit we search deeper into the subconscious using techniques personalized for each client. There may also be homework assignments, like journaling or visualization exercises. Some appointments may only require you to be relaxed, focused and listening, while others may be more interactive. Until we locate and address the root of the issue - in order to set you free from it - the focus is on positivity and the future, rather than negativity or past experiences.

Hypnotherapy Experts

Experts in Hypnotherapy explain the benefits and how it works...

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Woman (Holli Currie Powell River Hypnotherapist) sitting on a rock by the ocean.

Meet Holli

Certified as a Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant

Proudly trained at CCAHH Canadian College of Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association

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A Bit About Me...

Ever since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with human behaviour and I've always wanted to be of help to others. Whether it was bringing home “stray” animals, or a friend who was fighting with their parents, it has always been important to me to comfort those that need it.


Through all the different stages in my life and the different careers I’ve chosen, I’ve known, enjoyed, respected and accepted people from all walks of life. Over the years I’ve learned that everyone has a story, everyone has struggles, everyone has a reason that they are where they are, and everyone deserves the victory of overcoming the obstacles in their lives. Along the way I noticed so many of us are seeking to feel better inside by attaining things outside of ourselves like cars, jobs, homes and relationships and I was no different when this journey began. 


The more I learned for myself that my reality was determined by my perception, and that changing that perception would drastically change the way I experienced the ups and downs of life, the more I wanted to share this with others. When I began to look for ways to do this I discovered that hypnotherapy is an extremely quick and easy way to change the negative thought patterns (often from childhood) that hold us back from living our best lives.


I, like most people, had a distorted view of hypnosis because of the way hypnosis is portrayed in movies, on TV and by stage performers, however I quickly learned that it's nothing at all like what I thought it was. Hypnosis is simply a very relaxed state - the one we all drift into 5 seconds before we fall asleep.


As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have never used a pendulum or pocket watch to hypnotize someone. There’s no crystal ball or metaphysical lingo. I serve only as a guide, leading my clients into this relaxed state they naturally achieve on their own. As a compassionate and natural cheerleader, there’s nothing I love more than bearing witness to, in real time, my clients reaching their specific goals.


I have a proven track record of happy and thriving clients, many of whom have been able to come off of their medications, or who have decided not to take them in the first place because there anxiety, pain, or depression became a thing of the past after only a few weeks.


I consider myself to be down to earth, honest, and positive with a healthy (if not questionable) sense of humour. I just want to help people realize they can change how they feel by changing the way they think. 

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"In my sessions with Holli, I always feel extremely cared for. She has a very special way of calmly guiding you toward your goals. She is spunky, fun, and relatable, which - in combination with her caring nature and skill - makes her a fabulous hypnotherapist!"

A.D.  Comox

  • How does Hypnotherapy work?
    Hypnotherapy works by guiding relaxation of the body and conscious mind, allowing direct access to subconscious mind without interference from the critical part, to filter suggestions with negativity. When you create a scene in the subconscious it actively seeks it out without conscious effort.
  • What does it feel like?
    When you are hypnotized you are extremely relaxed and it feels like when you’re almost asleep, but still aware of your surroundings. There are some physical signs that demonstrate you have achieved the hypnotic state and these may include dry mouth, watering eyes, and possibly tingling or twitching in fingers and toes, but the client is so relaxed, these are usually only noticed by the therapist.
  • Can anyone be hypnotized?
    YES, we can all be hypnotized, and have entered the hypnotic state thousands of times in our lives! Every night, five seconds before you fall asleep, you are in this hypnotic state. We use different techniques to achieve this, depending on the individual. Everyone takes in information differently, and therefore enters hypnosis differently. When you get scared or sad reading a book or watching a movie, it is also a trance-like state, where you consciously know it isn’t real, but your imagination has taken over…. this is hypnosis. It has been thought that intellectuals are harder to hypnotize, but in fact, smart people with good imaginations usually enter hypnosis the easiest. The only categories of people who cannot be hypnotized are the intoxicated, intellectually challenged, or those too young to comprehend what’s being said.
  • Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?
    No, left on your own in hypnosis, you either just come out of it or fall right to sleep.
  • Does hypnotherapy have to do with spirituality?
    No, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, and hypnotherapy is based in neuroscience. You can create change in your mind whether or not you have religious beliefs.
  • What if I remember something I don’t want to?
    Within hypnotherapy we don’t go looking for repressed memories. The belief is that if your mind is leaving something out, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Book a Session

In person or over the phone.

During your free consultation, I will answer any questions you have and we will discuss a treatment plan based on your problem area. 


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Call or text to book:


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90 MIN

In person at my office. Initial session will be as discussed during our consultation, and focused mainly on relaxation and inquiry. Subsequent sessions will follow our treatment plan. 

Receive 10% discount when prepaying for 3 or more sessions in advance. 

Call or text to book:


New clients, please print and fill out this PDF document and return it back to me prior to your first session.

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."

- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Get in Touch

4536 Willingdon Ave

Powell River, BC, Canada

(604) 414-3835

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Proudly associated with the IMDHA

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Proudly trained at CCAHH
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